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Buy premium L Shaped Sofa in Dubai at cheap rates to make your interiors stylish & luxurious. Call us now to get quote for your custom sofa in L shape.

L shaped sofa Dubai
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L shaped Sofa Dubai

We Offer Luxury L Shaped Sofa In Dubai At Low Price

Need something comfortable & expensive for your seating needs? Try our new collection of L-shaped sofas. Each sofa set is made from the highest quality metal and wood frames to offer durability at unmatched prices. Get the most premium upholstery fabrics in leather, velvet, and 100+ more styling options in our L Shaped Sofa in Dubai.

Feel yourself sinking in these stylish & luxurious L-shaped sofas because we add only quality memory foam in them. Get the perfect blend of aesthetics and low prices at our store in Al Quoz, Dubai.

Our Latest Collection Of L Shaped Sofa Dubai

Take a peek at our amazing collection of L-shaped sofa seaters for your versatile seating for both commercial & residential settings.

l shaped sofa Dubai

We Do Maximum Customization to Your L Shaped Sofa

We know that each buyer has different needs, thus we offer a great customization service for an L shaped sofa Dubai.


10+ upholstery fabrics to


Custom depth for seats


Custom foam installation


Personalized sofa style

Our Versatile L-Shaped Sofa Types For Your Diverse Needs

Our store has a wide collection of modern L shaped Sofa in Dubai. Even if not, we offer the best customization service to build your dream sofa.

Sofa bed

L-shaped Sofa Cum Bed

Get the versatile L-shaped sofa bed design that can transform from a sofa seat to a spacious bed for maximum functionality.

L-Shaped Recliner Sofa

Our best-selling L-shaped sofa Dubai offers a recliner mechanism i.e. easy to use. Now relax in comfort & style.

chaise Sofa

Chaise Lounge L-Shaped Sofa

Our chaise sofa features elongated plush seats with luxurious armrests for an ideal lounging experience.

outdoor sofa

L-Shaped Outdoor Sofa

For your outdoor lounging needs, these outdoor L-shaped sofas have all-weather resistant upholstery for a long-lasting durability.

Our Recent Projects Of L Shaped Sofas

Need motivation for your L-shaped sofa sets? Check out our gallery of luxury L-shaped sofas online in Dubai.

L shaped sofa Dubai
L Shaped Sofa Dubai

Amazing Benefits of Our L Shaped Sofas

Stylish Look

Our stylish sofas in L shape look better in every interior style.

Multi Functionalities

Because of their spacious space, you can sit, lay, or sleep in these sofas.

Versatility in Arrangement

Versatility in Arrangement

Our L-shaped sofas in Dubai can be placed in corners or the center space.

l shaped sofa Dubai
Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

We use top-quality cushions and springs in our sofas for maximum comfort.


Storage Options

You get customizable storage options in our L-shaped sofa set.

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Buy this amazing sofa from us for many functionalities at a very low price.

Beyond Standard Sofas

Amazing Benefits of Our L-Shaped Sofas

Space Maximization

Enhanced Comfort

Versatile Seating Arrangements

Ample Seating Capacity

Customizable Configurations

Modern Aesthetic

Efficient Use of Corners

Functional Storage Options


Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

L Shaped Sofa Dubai

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L shaped sofa Dubai

Why Choose Our L Shaped Sofa Dubai

We have been the top supplier of L-shaped sofas in Dubai for 10+ years. Our brand is the symbol of quality and reliability. At our store, you get to choose from a wide range of L-shaped sofas built to provide stylish aesthetics and optimal durability.


Stylish designs for diverse Interior decors


Quality craftsmanship for years-long use


24/7 customer support service available


Free delivery for your L-shaped sofas

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L Shaped Sofa Dubai

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

It is rare for L Shaped sofa designs to have a detachable option. A sofa manufacturer can also make a custom-made sofa with a detachable feature. You can get your desired requirements from us. We provide modular L-shaped sofas that are easily detachable and moveable.

The ideal size of any L-shaped sofa depends upon your seating needs. We offer these L-shaped sofas in various seating orders. From 2-seater to 7-seater, get our L-shaped sofa sets in different designs. Get your custom quotes from us today and book a free home delivery.

We offer a variety of sofa upholstery fabrics in different designs and styles. Our collection includes anything you need at a reasonable rate to fit in any seating area, whether commercial or residential.

The cleaning of our L-shaped sofa sets is really easy. You need only a regular vacuum to clear away dirt and debris. For stains, we recommend spot cleaning with a detergent and water. For a long period of use, we recommend getting professional cleaning once every six months.

All our L-shaped sofas in Dubai are made to offer maximum durability and longevity. With proper cleaning techniques, you can expect our sofas to last 7 to 10 years and continue to be a stylish addition to your home interiors.