How to Clean Fabric Sofa at Home

First thing first, you have to admit that fabric sofas do have to endure a lot of wear & tear. The family gathering for movie night, lounging with your pet, or the kids spilling juice – your fabric sofa is a playground for mishaps. Now how to clean a fabric sofa at home with ease & minimal effort? So if you have this very same dilemma at hand, this blog is your answer to that. We bring to you the right cleaning method on how to clean your fabric sofa.

Common Sofa Fabric Types – Know Your Fabrics

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The first thing in the battle of sofa cleaning is to know the sofa itself and in this case, its fabric. There is a wide range of sofa fabrics and each one has its own cleaning method. Some of the popular fabrics for sofas, like sofa bed Dubai, are as follows.

Synthetic Fibers

These include options like nylon & polyester which offer high stain resistance – making cleaning easy.

Natural Fibers

There are many options like cotton, linen, & wool all of which are comfortable but get stained easily.

Blended Fabrics

These are fabrics that are made from a mix of natural & synthetic fabrics offering easy maintenance & aesthetics.

Cleaning Fabric Sofa At Home – Step By Step Guide

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Regular cleaning is the first step to having a pristine-looking fabric sofa. Dust and stains tend to settle within the fabrics and they cause the stains to become prominent. Regular dusting or vacuuming removes any pet dander, dust mites, and trapped debris within the fabrics. This is the right way to clean your fabric sofa at home.

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies

Start by ensuring that you have all the right cleaning materials & tools to do the maintenance. You will need;

  • Vacuum cleaner (With Brush Attachment)
  • Paper Towels or Clean Cloth
  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • White Vinegar
  • A Brush
  • Spray Bottle

Step 2. Vacuum Your Sofa

Before you do the cleaning of your luxury L shaped sofa, you need to remove the accumulated dust from it. The brush attachment will take out any trapped dirt & debris out of the upholstery from the crevices and the surface. Do not forget to vacuum under the cushions & sofa seams.

Once a week, vacuum cleaning of the sofa prevents any dust & debris build-up.

Step 3. Do A Cleaner Test

Before you start using a fabric cleaner, read your fabric sofa’s manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Make sure you choose the right sofa cleaner to prevent any fabric damage. To further prevent fabric damage, do a spot test of the cleaner. Drop a small liquid on the inconspicuous part of the U shaped sofa fabric & look for signs of discoloration.

Step 4. Treating Different Types Of Stains

These are some of the cleaning tips for different types of stains.

  • For Food Stains: Make a cleaner of 1 tbsp dish soap & 2 cups of water in a bowl. Rinse it with a damp cloth and let it dry under the fan.
  • For Sticky Grease Stains: Take your ordinary baking soda and sprinkle it over the stain. Let it settle for 20 minutes before using a vacuum cleaner to lift the powder off. Now apply some dish soap on this area. Do the blotting technique to lift off the stain; do it as many times as required.
  • For Deep Seated Ink Stain: Take some rubbing alcohol and pour it on a clean cloth. Keep in mind to not soak the fabric. Once the ink is gone, be sure to rinse the fabric with a wet clean cloth and air dry it.
  • For Pet Mishaps: Take water & white vinegar in equal parts in a spray bottle. Now blot clean the area with a wet cloth after the stain is removed. Vinegar will also neutralize any odor.

General Cleaning Methods For Fabric Sofa

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If you wish for an overall cleaning of your fabric sofa, these are the steps to it.

  • Water-based Cleaners

For the sofa fabric with cleaning code ‘W’ or ‘WS’; create a water-based cleaner. The best one at home can be made by mixing warm water & dish soap. Take a sponge and wet it in this solution. Now start wiping the entire sofa fabric. Refrain from soaking the fabric. Afterward, rinse it off with a wet cloth and do blot drying.

  • Solvent Based Cleaner

For the sofas with cleaning code ‘S’ make a solvent-based cleaner. There are many quality solvent cleaners available in the market. Apply these solvents onto sofa fabric and blot them down. Afterward, follow the solvent’s cleaning instructions to lift it off.

 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Fabric Sofa Fresh

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If you wish to keep your fabric sofas to remain in pristine condition, here are some maintenance tips.

  • Make a habit of doing regular vacuuming at least once a week. This will remove all the dust, dirt, debris, dust mites, & pet dander from it.
  • In case there are spills & stains on your sofa cum bed, we recommend prompt treatment to not let the stain set in. Because it may leave permanent marks on your sofa fabric.
  • Make a habit of rotating your sofa cushions – this will reduce the wear on them and allow them to maintain their shape.
  • Protect your sofas from direct sunlight exposure as it can cause fabric to lose its color. For areas prone to sunlight exposure like windows, add blinds & curtains.
  • There are sofa protectors such as various sprays – they will repel the spills & stains.

Final Say

When it comes to cleaning fabric sofas at home, this should not be a difficult task. You only need the right materials and know the right way to do your sofa maintenance at home. With regular cleaning and on-spot stain removal; you can expect your sofa to maintain its fresh look for years to come.

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